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Twenty years ago I immigrated to the United States from Trinidad & Tobago with a dream; a dream not unlike that of millions of immigrants before me. It was more of a yearning to achieve my dreams in the land of opportunity. Over the years I have been blessed with many opportunities that have allowed me to search my soul, expand my horizons, and grow as an individual.

While I believe in education as a practical path to earn a decent living, all of my attempts left me feeling that something was missing. None of my efforts filled that part of me that longed for expression. That emptiness had to be acknowledged; that thing that reminds us that we all have a path. Searching for answers, I realized that art was my passion; that was my direction. Without formal training I had to take a leap of faith and follow my desire for expression and fulfillment. The blank canvas was exactly what I needed. As a result, the more I honored myself through my art, the more complete I became.

This year, on my birthday, I made the decision to share my creations with my employer, who is known for her honesty. Her reaction…”Tony your paintings are amazing, what are you going to do with them?” At that very moment I felt proud and secure in my decision to follow my heart. My art has allowed me to express who I am and I consider them somewhat autobiographical. They document the ups and downs of my life experience. I am extremely grateful to the people who supported me as I started down this path and who continue to be an important part of my journey. I strongly believe art is a very personal expression of my soul and I was destined to convey my perceptions through this art form. The expression of art is usually beyond our imagination. My intention is to use my vision to project positive messages and emotions through the medium of art and the written word, and I look forward to sharing my work.



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