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The Greenness of the Centenary Painter

Walter Mafli was born May 10, 1915 in Rebstein (St. Gallen).  When he was 6 years, he was placed in an orphanage.  In moments of despair, the child took refuge in silence and drawing.  At 18, he made apprenticed as a stove fitter and tiler in Zurich.  He moved to Neuchâtel and spent all his free time in his favorite fields of drawing and painting. He learned the academic techniques following the drawing classes at Egidio Delfo Galli.

In 1944, he moved to La Conversion (VD), he continued his training at the Ecole Cantonale drawing Lausanne led by the masters: Casimir Reymond and Marcel Poncet.

Over the last 70 plus years Walter has been in television and featured documentary films, won many art awards, belongs to fine art societies, exhibited many many times in group and solo shows in Switzerland and many cities in Europe, where his artwork is included in many public collections, including Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.  He has a large following of collectors who travel to visit him by appointment at his studio to buy his original artworks.  His medium include different techniques: Watercolors, Drawing, Monotype, and Chalk.

Walter has traveled extensively all over the world, and over the many decades has painted many subjects which interest him, including landscapes, seasons, still life, portraits, animals, sculpture, and his most current focus on abstracts.

At 101 years old, Walter Mafli is always painting, abundantly and all original work.  “I’m all alone in front of something that matches my thoughts, my dreams, my needs.  I live because of the colors, it lives, it can change the character, it has a power,” says the painter, still energetic and motivated to create.


More and more, I love the life.  When you are young, life is not worth much, but the more we advance in age, the more valuable it becomes.  Although I do not often think of my death, I think I’d be sitting in front of my easel. Anyway, I will not die because my paintings remain.

At my age, the hard part is not getting older, but being taken for a fool by some people who think that old rhymes with gargle!  Of course, the body changes, it no longer has the same strength or the same psychic abilities.  But in my head, I do not feel old and that’s what’s so terrible.

I am neither more stupid nor more limited than before.  Unless you are sick, when you’re old, it retains its humor, its character, its interests and, hopefully, his intellectual faculties.

It’s not because I do not know how to use a computer that I am suffering from cretinism.  Nobody has to speak to me gently!  I do not need to be helped or protected, and I can still make my own decisions.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 – Abbatiale de Payerne

2016 – Galerie d’Etraz, Lausanne

2012 – Galerie les 3 Soleils

2011 – Galerie les 3 Soleils

2010 – Galerie les 3 Soleils

2009 – «Au temps qui passe» Genolier

2008 – Musée de Pully

2008 – Galerie d’Etraz, Lausanne

2008 – Galerie «Au temps qui passe »

2007 – Galerie «La Forêt», Martigny

2006 – Abbatiale de Payerne – retrospective

2006 – Galerie d’Etraz, Lausanne

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