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This is the story of fragments, debris, shreds of uncertain origins, pieces of something, vestiges of often-unidentified objects, condemned to oblivion.

This is the story of a man, creative, inventive, kneaded with wise and wild ideas.  His patient hands extravagantly reinvent the form, the concept.  He resuscitates lifeless material, introduce the unforeseen with talent, and jubilation passes without notice from the softness of his pastel colors, rust or soil, to the aggressiveness of bright tones.

It’s the story of a sculpture, a painting, a surprising discovery, caressing or disheveling, zen or hilarious.  Over collages, faces bolting, sanding and other do-it-yourself, the creation offers a new identity to nameless objects.

It’s the story of a clown, crazy and sensitive, with a percussive sense of humor, who plays with art while having fun.

He shows us in his way that an eye can desert Moscow, that a volatile loses its virility without its bicycle, that a dwarf deprived of his garden can become a killer, that no pointed breast of Gaultier is as appetizing as the sumptuous implants reserved for his virtual icons.

It’s the story of a man, creative, molding with wise and crazy ideas.  His hands reinvent with extravagance the form, the concept.

He resuscitates dead materials, introduces him to the casting against of talent and jubilation crossing without notice from sweetness of pastel colors, rust or soil, aggressiveness of the lively tones.

Is this a joke?  No, it’s pure pleasure, a dream, the fantastic grazed with eroticism signed Serge Juillerat.


Born in 1967 in Lausanne, Switzerland, I am a self-taught artist.
Since my youngest age, I always liked drawing.  This passion was strengthened with the death of my father in 1976.  Drawing helped me to escape and travel in imaginary worlds, in black and white.
A fan of comic strips, I studied and published caricature in my college  newspaper, my schools mates were my first public.
My artistic bent took place, when one day my neighbor asked me to create for her a big lady in the style of Niki de Saint Phalle.
My first sculpture was then born.  Having bought too much paint, I then began to paint…


Group Exhibitions

2012 – Galerie ESF, Lausanne

2011 – Galerie ESF, Lausanne

2009 – Cabinet JD Marchand, Cully

Solo Exhibitions

2014 – Caves Porta, Villette

2011 – Galerie ESF, Lausanne

2008 – Helsana, Lausanne

2007 – Cabinet JD Marchand, Cully 

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