Pierre Pepin



Photographic Cubism Contemporary Art
International Artist. Painting and sculpting with light in Motion


Photography acrylic and metal. Collection 1/20 copies.


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I am an International artist and as a Trans-disciplinary Professor in Art who is constantly researching new ways to use manual and electronic processes for constant experimentation approaches to art.

After my years of research, I have combined disciplines and approaches using diverse techniques. These latest scientific approaches through art and technology merge to sculpt and paint with light. Color is multiplied spontaneously and seized with photography and video with other technical media: design, collage, movement, and media performance. Recent artistic research has brought me to represent transparency in the depth of field, with various textures of light. I explore a three-dimensional color spectrum with fascination using a light source.

Artistic process

Creating the magic of colors in motion is experiencing a very personal way of ‘Painting With Light.’

My paintings are sculpted physically by hand with translucent polarized object, which create 3-D images using light sources reconstructing the full spectrum. After which digitized preservations are made. Images are available in  large sizes with paper photography, acrylic, and metal support.

I engage the public to interact directly with the medium through the processes at the Galleries and Museums, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities, national and international workshops. I do this by exploring many approaches, techniques, and versatility of creativity through fine art, computer graphics, photography, virtual reality, sculpture, painting, design, motion, media, performance and technology.


2016 – Summer Group Photographic Cubism Contemporary Art Gateway Art Center, Manhattan, New York City USA

2016 – Biennal Exhibition de L’AQESAP, Photographic Cubism Contemporary Art, Maison de la culture Mercier Montréal, CA.

2015 – Digital Arts Gallery Online, SIGGRAPH, Photographic Cubism Contemporary Art, Los  Angeles, California, USA

2006 – Work of my research and development Thesis at the  Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Gallery, Florida, USA

1996 – Digital Arts, Photography, Watercolor, Illustration, Galerie de l’Université du Québec, Trois-Rivières, CANADA

1996 – Digital Arts: Photography, Illustration, Collage, Galerie de Guerrilla, SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles California, USA

1994 –  Digital Arts: photography, computer graphic at the Wooster Communauté Art Center, Danbury Connecticut, USA

1993 –  Digital Arts: International Exhibition, Gdansk Gdanska Oficyna Sztuki Galeria Gdansk, en Pologne, EUROPE

1991 – Digital Arts:  Illustration,Photography, Watercolor at the Galerie du Trait-Carré, Charlesbourg, Québec, CANADA

1971 – Photography, Illustration, Computer Graphic at the La Galerie Parallèle, Québec, City of Québec, CANADA

1971 – Digital Arts: Composites digitale images, illustration Galerie du Trait-Carré Gallery Charlesbourg, Québec, CANADA

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