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12932737_1286673951347302_4067060528450752196_nArtist/Painter/Founder of Art Portal “Art Galaxie”






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Pedro Boaventura is a driven artist from Portugal. His work blurs the lines between different media and expressions, encompassing art forms as diverse as painting, drawing, photography and film-making, just to mention a few. Pedro has been interested in the arts since he was a kid, so it was only natural for him to focus on his passion and turn it into the craft and mission of a lifetime.

At the age of 16, Pedro realized that he did not know how to draw and started taking art very seriously. It was at this point that he set out to start exploring his passion for art. He joined the Antonio Arroio School of Arts and graduated from the Audiovisual Communication course.

Later, he went on to specialize in different artistic techniques, showcasing a forward-thinking and diverse craft throughout several different media.

Today, Pedro is an accomplished painter and film-maker, as well as director of photography and entrepreneur in the world of arts. He has always been extremely passionate about art as a way to express himself and reach his full potential.

As an entrepreneur, indeed, Pedro is the main mastermind, creator and developer of Art Galaxie, a truly unique project dedicated to contemporary arts. In particular, Pedro supports the work of talented contemporary artists, helping to promote  them as well as expose their works to a larger online audience and more.  Through Art Galaxie, Pedro curates more than 200 artists, an art portal, a series of art books, art magazines, documentary films, videos and so much more.

Pedro does not only curate the online content on Art Galaxie: he works on international installations and exhibitions all over the world, in order to expose contemporary arts to a wide and international audience.

This is only the most recent of many incredible projects and initiatives that Pedro has been involved in through the years, bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of contemporary arts through his passion, dedication and commitment to the artists who are brave and equally as passionate when it comes to creating emotional and forward-thinking work.

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