All images are printed on gallery quality canvas and stretched over wood width 1.4 in (3.5 cm) in limited editions of 5.

Sizes and prices from 150$ for 12×16 in (30×40 cm) prints to 550$ for 25×33.5 in (64×85 cm) prints.


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My name is Oriela Margalit and I work as a freelance photographer.  I was born in Rochester, New York and now I live and work in Israel. At the age of twenty-one I studied photography at the renowned art college Wizo, Haifa. Back then everyone used films but when I graduated I stopped working with that technique and since then I was trying to explore and find an alternative technique in order to create my art, as well as in different disciplines like weaving, knitting and quilting. Later in my life I studied jewelry and started working at that field for fifteen years, especially with gold and silver.

All of the above equipped me with different perspectives on art in general and specifically on visual art. Along the years I developed a unique point of view which merged all my previous knowledge into a special whole.

A few years ago, when I discovered digital photography, I fell in love, and since then I work in that field. I take photos and I manipulate them while processing them digitally.

I have a real passion for design and I try, as much as I can, to use my love for design in my works. As a person I am very emotional, therefore I like very strong colors, as you can see in my works.

At some point in my life I realized that in order to truly express myself I have to use nature and random objects as components, in that way I can pour my ideas into the picture while maintaining its origins.

I am happy to present you a small part of my collection, I hope you will enjoy it.


1984-1987 Wizo Haifa Art College – Photography

1994-1997 Wizo Haifa Art College – Jewelry

1997-2011 Worked as an Independent Jeweler Artist

2012-present Work as a Freelance Photographer


Group Exhibitions

2016 – Curator, “Unity Art,” “Scent of spring” – Enan Gallery, Modiin, Israel

2014 – Curator, “galleriU,” Exhibition of Young Artists – Kiryat Motzkin Eshkol Pais, Israel

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