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Born in Chicago, 70 years ago, into a working class family.  Mary Yezek was nurtured and encouraged by her supportive family.  She is self-taught, unsullied by the 20th C. isms.  She is to quote a critic “original and refreshing.”  Her inventive style and compelling vision have magnetically attracted a delighted and devoted following among the cognoscenti of the suburban circles.

Artist Statement

The most wonderful thing about art is that there is no limit to styles and processes. You are never finished in the ever-expanding challenge of ideas and means. My imagination is my only limit.
I have an obsessive need to make art, producing clock faces and symbolic animals. Time is enshrined in the cityscapes.  Look closely to the inner journey with labels from our consumer society reflected with ironic good humor as composites of contemporary life.



2016 – Gallery 338, Solo Exhibit
2016 – Best of Best – Cat Coat Lady
2014 – Best of Best – Queen of Hearts 1st place
2014 – Beverly Art Center – Cityscape Collage
2013 – Galberg Gallery, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL
2012 – Cultural Art Center, Chicago, IL
2011 – Norris Gallery NCS, 1st place
2009 – Elmhurst Art Gallery, Elmhurst, IL



2014 – Best of Best, Queen of Hearts, 1st place
2011 – Norris Gallery NCS, 1st place

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