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I’m a 40 year old painter from Finland.  My background from 1987 to 1993 was with karate.  I graduated as a black belt and soon after quit with a knee injury. Then I studied several years at Bible college in Finland & started traveling a lot.  I smuggled Bibles at Yemen, built log houses at Japan and Israel, worked in a kitchen at England, and worked as a missionary on a missionary ship for two years.  I have also been a nightwatchman in Israel and in different ports with ships.
I graduated as an Efficient deck hand at South-Africa.
Many crazy situations & funny accidents have happened during my life already, like collision of our ship with another ship in the Indian ocean, shooting situation, etc, etc.  I have been in 39 different countries at some time. My life story, with some other artists life stories, will soon be published in a book called ERROR.
I found drawing & painting 5 years ago, & soon after that started making art in my city’s nightclubs.  I have also had a few of my own exhibitions: one was at my city, one at Helsinki, and one in Fountain house at New York!   I have been on radio interviews, newspapers, & now my work is represented at Gateway Art Center, NYC in New York!

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