Dmitry Klevansky


KlevanskyArtist, Photographer

Professional freelance photographer specializing in portrait and beauty photography.




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Dmitry has always been interested in photography but as a teenager his biggest passion was music. As years passed, he grew more enamored by the wonders of the visual art. He became a professional photographer just a few years ago. But his progress remains quite tremendous, in the most part due to his consistent and hard work. His favorite subject to study and capture through photography is people. Being mostly self-tough, he infuses his work with a flavor that’s more typical to the classical art of renaissance than modern photography. The dramatic look of his images is similar in style and the delivery method of the original portrait masters. He doesn’t just focus on every detail. He creates those intricate nuances to each character, allowing him to bring up the origin and the unique nature of each personality that he captures. His images are about what he feels rater then what he sees. He creates from his heart.



For me, the art of photography depicts the majestic beauty of the world around us. It captures the emotional multi-faceted prism of human nature. Every session is inimitable; every model is unique, every photo is a union of souls – the ultimate unification of the photographer and his model. I am intrigued by the charisma of a given personality. I am focusing, pun intended, beyond the physical features to glean into the inner world of the person in front of me. I’m fascinated by the nature of being, my models’ primal emotions and the ability to dive deep into their core. This joint journey inspires the creative process where we feed off each other. I talk to my models. I am in a constant dialogue. It’s a quest to find common grounds that would bring down their guards and let them forget about the camera. My most successful work happens when the person in front of the lens falls back into their natural persona, unretouched by expectations, when the inner light shines bright through the fleeting twinkle in their eyes. That’s when it all clicks. My lens is my soul. That’s the secret behind my vivid photography. I am intrigued by emotions that my work brings up in you. It empowers me to go on with telling my story. The art of photography is beyond the science of lights and shadows. It’s truly the art… which I am studying and perfecting every day… because there isn’t such thing as perfection.



Group Exhibitions

49 DOORS Gallery at Art Expo NY,
Photo Exhibition by Aleksandr Popov-Mikhaylov & Dmitry Klevansky, NY,


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