Deborah Liljegren


LilljegrenPhotographer, Painter, and Mixed Media Artist.

All printed media are Unique Archival Pigment Prints.




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While I embrace multiple media, I often work in photography and I believe this is so because it’s in my blood, part of my DNA: My grandfather was a wonderful photographer though little of his work has survived; My parents met as photography students.  I grew up with cameras, films, and the other photography accoutrements being as normal to me as baseballs or dolls were to other children. What wasn’t present were the elaborate studio sets, artificial lighting, nor photo-manipulating computers.  I learned to take what was there, what was real — the light, the dark, the mood, the balance, the air — and translate it through the lens.

My photographs reflect slices of life at specific moments and in distinct places.  Because of this, I relish working with the sometimes limited available light and time in order to convey those moments.  I love that what some view as hindrances, I view as contributing elements to my work.

Always having had an affinity for the water, I began creating underwater photographs that make the viewers forget that these beautiful images are created deep below the water’s surface.  In the water, everything that we know goes away — the noise, the gravity, the perceptions, the requirements of our daily lives — there is tremendous peace.  It’s the reset button for our expectations and it allows me to create visual enigmas that calm rather than confuse. The peacefulness and literal fluidity of water have impacted my paintings as well. Colors seem to flow together even when fully complementary to one another.  Many feature figurative forms — some obvious, some more subtle — incorporated within the folds of color.

The Symbology Series of Glass Paintings

I have long been fascinated by a portrait’s ability to make its model’s gaze follow the viewer.  Inspired by this technique and the notion that a painting can seemingly change as the viewer moves, I began creating The Symbology Series.  This series of paintings uses symbols — some from our daily lives, others lesser known — to complete a visual item whose story is, in my view, incomplete or to tell a wholly new story.  Integrating miniscule glass elements into my paintings creates a literal third dimension, as well as, conjuring countless other perceived images.


Selected Gallery and Show Representation:

2016 – UForge Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA | Solo show

2015 – Morris Jumel Mansion 250th Anniversary Art Event

2015 – Select Art Fair, New York City

2014 – Eostre Art Collective  |  Various shows

2013 – Sragow Gallery, New York City

2013 – Eostre Art Collective, New York City

2012 – IFPDA Print Fair, New York City

2012 – Fall Affordable Art Fair, New York City

2011 – Fall Affordable Art Fair, New York City

2010 – New Century Artist, New York City | Multiple Group Shows

2010 – 380 Gallery, New York City | Two-Artist Show

2009 – New Century Artists, New York City | Multiple Group Shows

2008 – The Distillery, Boston | Open Studios

2007 – The Distillery, Boston | Selected Artist for Open Studios

1996 – Essentials, Northampton, Massachusetts | Solo Show


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