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Catherine Mondoux practices Chinese painting.  The young painter from Fribourg, Switzerland, has made hers means of expression developed by a foreign– different – tradition.  “The heart expresses itself when the hand moves, directly linked to the brain, inspired spiritually -inspired by the breath of God.”  Body, soul and spirit form a whole, a unity which is the core of Chinese painting.  Catherine’s artistic purpose is to express this unity though her paintings. For her, to paint is to meditate, to express her gratitude to the Creator.
As a child, Catherine showed a deep and constant interest in drawing.  Only after her father’s death, when she was twenty, did her wish to create reveal itself.  In 1999, not long after her fourth child’s birth, she found a book on Chinese painting, which gave a new impetus to her creativeness.  Then she was lent some valuable Chinese paintings by a friend returning from China.  “I wish I could paint in that manner” she exclaimed admiringly.
With great courage and passion, she has undertaken the long task of exploring the ancestral technique she wants to make hers.  She has learned to hold the brush between thumb and middle finger, without resting one’s forearm on the board, to master the fluidity of the ink, to know how the paper absorbs it : a demanding apprenticeship.  And by copying the Chinese models from books, Catherine has explored the manifold expressive means of the brushstrokes.  Then she started to learn Chinese.
In 2004, Catherine took part in the First Swiss Art Prize in Chinese Art under the aegis of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China.  All of the three paintings she had sent were retained in a selection of 29 from the works sent by 254 entrants – artists. She won the fourth prize, proof of her ease in the Chinese visual world.  Professionals in this realm couldn’t believe that she was a self-taught painter!  Anxious to improve her skills, Catherine attended a course in calligraphy at Shaoxing University of Arts, south of Shanghai in 2007.  In 2008, in Geneva, she participated in a training course given by the painter Cheng Wengli, at Wang Fei’s Ecole du Poisson Mandarin.  Again in China, she attended courses given by Professor Zhou Gian Hua at Nanjing University of Arts in 2010, then in Hangzhou and Hong Kong in 2013.
Her first exhibition in a museum took place in l’Abbatiale de Payerne in 2011, a collective exhibition.  The museum purchased one of her works: “Paysage de Chine.”  Since then she has exhibited regularly.  Up to now more than 70 exhibitions have taken place, and more than 400 works produced.
Since 2015, Catherine has been a curator for la Galerie du Bateau at Portalban.  Nowadays, she would like to give calligraphy the first place in her art. Contrary to the Chinese painters who start with calligraphy and end in painting, Catherine has followed the other way round. First a painter, then step by step as a calligrapher, she slowly develops her knowledge of the Chinese ideograms.  With humility she uses them to express her quest for the truth, undertaking a voyage inwards, like a return to the Origin – Source.  After receiving a New Testament in Chinese, she has acquired the complete translation of the Bible, into which she immerses herself ceaselessly, not only finding a wide range of motifs to enrich her calligraphic skills but also as a source of inspiration.  Quotations in ideograms from the Bible thus dot some of her paintings.  The seal, engraved in China, Catherine uses to set her signature to her works is composed of a fruitful branch, a rainbow and a lotus.
This seal can be read as a portrait of the artist, revealing certain aspects of her personality.  The branch refers to motherhood and artistic fecundity.  The link between the East and the West through the ink-and-brush technique as well as the relationship between the self-taught painter and the centuries-old Chinese tradition are symbolized by the rainbow, sign also of the alliance between God and man.  The lotus, which grows from the muddy marsh as an immaculate flower towards the sky, can be seen as a symbol of the human condition, of our longing for beauty and desire for transcendence.


Exposition collective au GATEWAY ART CENTER, à NEW YORK USA (avril-juin2016)
2016 Exposition à la Galerie Le Vide-Poches, Marsens (FR) (mars 2016)
2106 Exposition au Musée Baud, automates à musique (VD) (février à mai 2016)

Exposition à la Galerie du Calvaire, Gruyères (FR)
Exposition à la Fondation Rive-Neuve, Blonay (VD)
Exposition à la Galerie du Calvaire, Gruyères (FR)
Exposition collective à la Galerie L’Essor, Le Sentier (VD)
Curatrice de la Galerie du Bateau à Portalban (FR)

Participation au Premier Concours Suisse de Calligraphie, Université de Genève,Genève
Exposition internationale d’art contemporain,Paysage’14, Place Suisse des Arts, Lausanne
Exposition Galerie du Bateau, Portalban (FR)
Exposition Avry-Centre (FR)
Exposition Topscore Diffusion, Granges-Paccot (FR)
Exposition Salon Cécilia, Moudon (VD)
Médiatrice culturelle au MUSEE DU PAPIER PEINT, pour événements d’animation ponctuels
( ateliers pour adultes ou enfants). Mézières (FR)

Exposition internationale d’art contemporain, Paysage’13, Place Suisse des arts, Lausanne
Exposition internationale de dessin, Drawing’13, Place Suisse des arts, Lausanne (VD)
Exposition internationale d’art contemporain, Portrait 2013, Place Suisse des arts, Lausanne
Exposition collective au Musée du papier peint, Mézières, (FR)
Exposition à la Salle Connexion, Payerne (VD)
Exposition internationale d’art contemporain, Salon d’été 13, Place suisse des arts, Lausanne (VD)
Exposition à la Maison Invitation, Lucens (VD
Exposition internationale d’aquarelle, Aquarelle’13, Place suisse des arts, Lausanne (VD)
Exposition internationale d’art contemporain, Femmes 2013, Place suisse des arts, Lausanne
Exposition Banque Raiffeisen, Estavayer-le-Lac (FR)
Exposition internationale d’art contemporain, Hiver 2013, Place suisse des arts, Lausanne

Exposition internationale de dessin contemporain, Drawing 2012, Place suisse des arts, Lausanne (VD)
Espace Galerie, Cabinet orthopédique, Fribourg (FR)
Salon d’été’12, Place suisse des arts, Exposition nationale suisse d’art contemporain, Lausanne
Entre Terre & Mer, Rue (FR)
Galerie LATELIER 33, Bollion (FR)
Galerie Picpus, exposition collective, Montreux (VD)
Galerie Picpus, Montreux (VD)
Zont’Art Yverdon (VD)

Musée de l’Abbatiale, Exposition collective, Payerne (VD)
Le Manoir, Givisiez (FR)

Bibliothèque interculturelle LivrEchange, Fribourg (FR)
L’Espace La Lignière, Clinique La Lignière, Gland (VD)
Art et Motorcycle, exposition collective, Gruyères (FR)
Centre des déserts, exposition collective, Les Déserts, France
Stage à l’Université des Beaux-Arts, Nankin (Nanjing), Chine
Espace Guintzet, Villars-sur-Glâne (FR)

Galerie L’Eclaircie, Fribourg (FR)
Galerie du Bateau, Portalban (FR)
Galerie de la Clinique Cecil, Lausanne (VD)
Galerie Bleu de Chine, exposition collective, Fleurier (NE)

Exposition collective à Art d’Ici, Payerne (VD)
Galerie L’Eclaircie, Fribourg (FR)
Stage au Poisson Mandarin, Ecole de Calligraphie, avec le peintre chinois Chen Wengli, Genève (GE)

Exposition Salle Communale d’Ependes (VD)
Exposition collective au Beaulieu, Payerne (VD)
Espace La Lignière, Clinique La Lignière, Gland (VD)
Stage à l’Université de Calligraphie à Shaoxing, Chine
Restaurant des Bains, Avenches (VD)

Salon de Thé “Les Tilleuls”, Pully (VD)
Restaurant La Renardière, Estavayer-le-Lac (FR)
Exposition collective à Maxill’art, Maxilly-sur-Léman, France
Exposition de printemps, Lully (FR)
Hôtel de Ville ” Le Shanghai”, Vuadens (FR)
Auberge de Vers-Chez-Perrin, Vers-Chez-Perrin (VD)

Auberge de l’Union, Montagny-La-Ville (FR)
Restaurant Les Lacustres, Estavayer-le-Lac (FR)
Boutique « Les Thés du Voyage », Marly (FR)
Galerie de la Maison de Pontherose, Estavayer-le lac (FR)
Espace “Gallery” du Too-See Club, Fribourg (FR)

Participation au 1er Championnat Suisse de Peinture Chinoise, à Zürich avec obtention du
4 ème prix pour la présentation de 3 tableaux (partis en Chine pour le marouflage) parmi
les 29 oeuvres sélectionnées sur 254 participants (Concours jugé par un jury chinois)

Exposition à l’Espace Galerie, Home St-François, Courtepin (FR)
Exposition à la Galerie « Les Murs », Clinique Ste-Anne, Fribourg (FR)

Au Vieux Grenier, Avry-sur-Matran (FR)
Salon du Mariage, Payerne (VD)
Première exposition Tea-Room Domino, Fribourg (FR)

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