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Painting has always been a way for me to escape to a beautiful world.  I was born to parents who were Holocaust survivors and in our home, sadness was always behind joy, sufferance and sorrow behind every smile.  In my latest work, the expression of the faces are changing constantly.  There is no permanence.  There can’t be.  Faces are dripping.  A look can suddenly show anger.  Or sorrow.  Naivety hides fear.  And there is always, those eyes, looking at us all, maybe dreaming of a better world.  The colors of my painting are strong, primary.  They reflect passion, emotions, but they also reflect the land that surrounds me, Israel.

I consider myself a citizen of the world. My grandfather, born in Lodz, Poland, was a non citizen, and here I am, with 3 nationalities and so is my daughter, his great grand-child. My influences are Belgian.  I was born and raised in Brussels to a father who, just like his father, worked in the “schmates” business, the garment industry.  He was a self made man and an autodidact.  The expressionism of my work comes from there.  I have lived in Paris and in New York. In New York, I married my American husband and we have two children, multi-lingual themselves.  I believe that this eclecticism or multiculturalism shows in my paintings.

I received a Ph.D in French literature from NYU.  Literature has always been my world, as much as painting.  I studied French Jewish writers on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem.  I then did my Masters (M.A) at the Sorbonne in Paris, specializing in Flaubert and in Nathalie Sarraute.  And my Ph.D was completed under the supervision of Serge Doubrovsky, the founder of Autofiction.  The New Novel (contemporary literature) is my area of expertise, especially Nathalie Sarraute, who considered me as her friend until she died, at the age of 100.

I moved with my family to Israel a year ago, where I give here lectures, write, paint, and devote myself to make Israel a (more) peaceful place.


La Maison de la Création, Lillois, Belgium

Centre Culturel de Braine-Le-Château, Belgium



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