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Aleksandr Popov-Mikhaylov paints to explore the lessons life presents him could be shared with others through the ideas journey toward understanding, eternal mysteries and seeking for universal truths. Some of works are about transformation after death and the realization of the invisible connections between us all. Aleksandr exploring personal impressions concerning the circle of life where change is necessary and inevitable. He put together visual symbolic elements onto the canvas embracing spiritual aspect in each image while listening to inner voice.


2000-2004 – studied at the High School of Arts by Samokish,  Simferopol, Crimea.
2004 – Painted The “St.Luca’s, ” Church in Saki, Crimea.
2006-2007 – Painted The “Icon of Virgin Mary,” Church in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
2012-2013 – studied at the Art Courses in “Institute of Design and Construction,” Episkopi, Cyprus, where he obtained BTEC certificate by Edexcel as a teacher.
2013-2015 – an Art Teacher in sanatorium “Barvinok,” Kiev region, Ukraine.


Symbolic artist put onto the canvas visual elements embracing spiritual aspect in thought-provoking paintings. Aleksandr tries to comprehend the sense of what he feels in that particular moment of his life, literally living into the path of that journey, as it emerges on the canvas.



Solo Exhibitions
2012 – Oil-painting Exhibition “Far Away, So Close,” Limassol, Cyprus.
1999 –  Oil-painting Exhibition, Dedicated to I.Sevinsky, Saki, Ukraine.

Group Exhibitions
2016 – Photo Exhibition by Aleksandr Popov-Mikhaylov & Dmitry Klevansky
2014 – Participated in Exhibition of Ukrainian artists “Impressions” in Kiev.


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