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Adriana Torres is “Torchez,” a Mexican artist who paints Hugs.  She dedicates her work specially for those who has Autism and Syndrome of Asperger.
Born in México City in 1971.
She earned a Honorable Mention University degree in Industrial Design from Universidad Iberoamericana one of the top Universities in Mexico City.
Her main artistic output is in the form of mixed media art paints and jewelry.
She has been actively creating and exhibiting her work for over a decade in places like “Art Meting Gallery” Exhibition Lisboa.


The primary intention of her work is to create a simple visual experience of a hug, using the simple forms and basic Colors. Using typographic texture as a language. Having open arms to forget loneliness, yearning and given up.

Adriana believes in the greatness of the human being and every brushstroke and phrase used, transmits joy and hope. When she is asked about the meaning of the ‘ hugs’ in the paintings’ she replies that after years of violence, silence and hopelessness in which we have lived in Mexico, she wants to deliver a silent but powerful message of hope through one of the purest and basic human emotions: the contact with loved ones (family and friends). She is convinced that we can overcome any adverse situation by thinking that we can do it, we just have to believe it…

This language is recognized by everybody specially for those children with Autism and Syndrome of Asperger.

The develop of her work is used also at companies like AT&T, Master Card, Mc Donald’s, B&D Laboratories, because specially her kind of art, contributes to developed a special perception on the Left side of the brain having a balance between reason and emotion.

The word Torchez, has its origins in Torres Sanchez, surname of the artist, pseudonym has been used by Adriana for more than 20 years.
To become familiar with the language of Torchez, please read 3 categories of language in the work:

  1. Hugs are the long lines, translated into feelings eternal hopefully traveling outside the boundaries of the picture.
  2. Moments, are passions like music, football, bulls, horses … so it is family, friends, siblings, friends.
  3. Torchello’s, are the icons that the artist has developed, through the compilation of sketches and which are revealed in the process of each painting.


Individual exposition in Consulate of Mexico in little Rock Arkansas, August
“Art Meting Gallery” Exhibition Lisboa, February and April

Ward Nasse art Gallery Exhibition July 2013 and 2014, Soho New York.
International Fair of Art Mexico City 2013 and 2014
Bisutex Exhibition in Madrid Spain, January 2013
International Fair of Art Toronto 2013

Liverpool Galleries, Merida Yucatan, August 26 – September 9
Liverpool Galleries, Puerto Vallarta, July 29 – August 12
Decoration and Gift Expo Decoestylo, January 17-21
World Trade Center,
Anahuac University of North, March 18-31
Individual exhibition collection “collage of hugs and moments”


  • Adriana Torres has been the recipiente of numerous recognition for her work in the Graphics Arts, as well as her volunteer work in Autistic Children’s Association of Mexico.
  • Art Recognition from Universidad Anahuac in Mexico Campus Interlomas in 2011 and 2014.
  • Award from Journal Milenium in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2011 and Special Spots Edition in News for National TV in Channel 4 “Foro TV” in Jan 2015, Channel 13 “TV AZTECA”. Spetial Mention on New York Times Digest, August 2014.
  • Artist select by World Masters Catalogue Vol. IX 2014
  • Award Sandro Botticcelli, Italy 2015

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